Patricia L. Padgett was born and raised in Michigan and Indiana.  Because of this, she was very aquainted with a variety of Midwestern cuisine.

Family was very important to my mother Patricia L. Padgett and to show her love she cooked us some of the best meals I have had in my life.  Cooking became a passion for my mother.

When cooking for nine kids with nine different personalities it was sometimes difficult to find meals and recipes that would appeal to us all.  Somehow night after night we were served meals with colorful flavors, rich and hearty and managed to calm her rambunctious brood.

My mother’s dream was to share her recipes and her cooking with the world. When she died an untimely death I saw it as my duty and my responsibility to bring her dream to life.


Cooking With Pat is a series that I have started that does just that. It features her fantastic meals and meals that she and I have collaborated on. 





The first book of the series, Holi-Craze, features simple recipes that my mother and I created that will calm the crazy holiday times and make Holiday cooking seem like a piece of cake.

~D. Padgett
her daughter

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